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Revitalizing comfort and dual functionality.


In appearance our sofa beds may look ultra modern, however its contemporariness is not only restricted to its looks, in fact the first difference you will find is within the seat.   

  • Unlike other sofa beds with flimsy frames, heavy mechanisms and paper thin mattresses, we begin our foundation with a solid timber frame.
    * Our timber comes from Queensland’s very own plantations.
  • Upon the frame we stretch heavy duty webbing, interwoven to create a sturdy sitting and sleeping area.
  • This is followed by adding the foam.
    * We use a high density foam which is treated to control dust and bacteria
  • This 135mm high density foam is then glued to the base. The back of the sofa which becomes the second sleeping area is made similar to the seat and uses a 100mm foam of the same standard.
    *(Upon request, pocket springs or non sag springs are also available for the seat.)
  • As we build the sofa beds from scratch, we can guarantee we make them to last, they are solid and comfortable, yet easy to use.

Free in-house consultations and decorators advise is given by appointment, we have a vast number of happy clients located all over Australia. Amongst these we have been servicing such clients as – La Z Boy, manufacturer of wingback chairs, Snooze bedding, many clubs, pubs and restaurants, hotels, motels, resorts, churches and film and theater companies, not to mention the thousands of valued private customers. 

Classique Apartment

Closed 2200 x 1000 / Open 2200 x 1600


Closed 2050 x 1000 / Open 2050 x 1600

The Sit, Roll, Sleep effect

A step by step guide to our unique and versatile brand of sofa beds, their benefits, and how simplicity does not have to come at the cost of comfort and style.

The How to Use Guide

From the moment our sofa bed arrives at your front door you will notice its benefits. As it is divided into 3 parts (a base, a seat and a bag of cushions), so the task of getting it through your door is automatically simplified. Both pieces are slim and fairly light as they contain no metal mechanisms.

  1. Once the plastic is removed from both pieces, and you have identified which is the base and which is the seat, the next step is to lift the back on the base unit to an upright position.
  2. This will reveal the large storage compartment, which can be accessed easily even when the sofa bed is complete.
  3. Take the seat and line the wheels on its underside up with the rails on the base unit. The wheels glide along the rails, and this will be the method for converting both to a sofa and sofa bed. 
  4. To make the sofa simply roll the seat toward the upright back, your storage area will now be covered by the seat and this forms the sofa phase of the sofa bed. 
  5. To convert to a bed, lift the front of the seat slightly and pull forward. The wheels glide along the rails, and will do so until the wheels meet the end of the rail.Once again you have access to the storage compartment inside. 
  6. Finally lay the upright back down to cover the storage are and to create the sofa beds sleeping area.

Simple.. Sit, Roll, Sleep

We have sold over 3,000 units Australia wide, and with more styles and models to choose from, our sofa beds are proving to be an economical, practical and clever alternative to all other forms of sofa beds on the market today.

Any wishes as to the size can be custom made. Narrow, short, long or wide. Ottoman, double, queen and king sizes can all be made upon request.

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Closed 2050 x 1000 / Open 2050 x 1600


Closed 2450 x 1000 / Open 2450 x 1600

Custom Corner Lounge

Storage Deluxe, simple and versatile with storage in every piece

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